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Y.O.U.: Your Own Universe Rae La Rae

Y.O.U.: Your Own Universe

Rae La Rae

Published November 10th 2009
ISBN : 9781426921629
136 pages
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 About the Book 

QUALITY CONTROL You espouse quality controlWhy dont you take a strollDown your own energys soul?Who are you to judgeWhile still carrying a grudgeFrom eons muddied with your historic sludge?Carried way beyond Hopes sighAs higher frequencies cryWhen is it time for greeds anger to die?Open your eyesThere are many who plyTheir words of hates sigh.To further creations led by fearAmong humans who hearOnly sounds that travel to earsConditioned by angers agitation.We are all undergoing transformation on a daily basis, as is the Earth. Awareness of individual focused thoughts and emotions can transform human existence and this planet. As individuals attain self-awareness of their own thoughts, their emotions can change. Peace-filled thoughts become peace-filled emotions. Peace-filled emotions become peace-filled actions. Peace-filled actions create peace-filled environments. Peace-filled environments can transform humanity and our planet called Earth. Generations to come will benefit from the increasing awareness of humanitys transition on Earth at this special time. Are you ready to begin the process of peace?