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Shadowbane: A Forgotten Realms Novel Erik Scott de Bie

Shadowbane: A Forgotten Realms Novel

Erik Scott de Bie

Published September 27th 2011
Kindle Edition
352 pages
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 About the Book 

Shadowbane is a perfect example of what is right and enduring about the Forgotten Realms: a tale of companionship, perseverance, faith, and self-exploration. With a monster and a fight scene here or there, too, in case you need a kick in the pants. Youll read it in one sitting, and then come back to see what you might have missed.~ Brian Cortijo (Realms Designer, Loremaster of Cormyr)If you like fast-paced, thrilling stories that explore the dark shadows and alleyways of cities in the Realms, and erupt into spectacular fights, in the company of wise-cracking heroes and anti-heroes, then a Erik Scott de Bie book is for you! SHADOWBANE takes the reader along for another ride with Kalen and Myrin, this time to lawless Luskan, and its an adventure worth reading and rereading many times! First-rate fantasy!~ Ed Greenwood (Best-Selling Author, Father of the Forgotten Realms, Living Legend)With its relentless pace and scenes of chilling horror and savage combat, Erik Scott de Bies fiction evokes the work of old-school sword-and-sorcery masters like Robert E. Howard and Karl Edward Wagner, and Shadowbane is his best book yet. Dont miss it!~ Richard Lee Byers, author of the Forgotten Realms: Brotherhood of the Griffon seriesThe city of Luskan has always been a den of pirates, thieves, and murderers. But lately, things have gotten much worse. A ship crashes offshore with nothing but corpses. Every day, people go crazy and brutalize those around them. And the only signs that even the most hardened criminals still walk the streets at night are bones.Luskans sister city, Waterdeep, has sent a detachment to quarantine the unclean city—to let the filth within die, rather than infect the rest of the Realms. But Myrin has slipped inside, declaring that she will save Luskan. Shadowbane follows, determined to save Myrin and therefore her pet city—even if he has to kill every rat in Luskan to do it.Shadowbane features the triumphant return of popular, dark vigilante from Downshadow and carries forth the threads of the worlds-spanning Abyssal Plague series.This expanded e-book also includes a brand-new short story, entitled “A New Purpose”, as well as links to an existing prequel and an original e-novella, featuring characters from Shadowbane. Also included are links to background information on the Abyssal Plague series and sample chapters from other books in the series.