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Chevalier Book 2: The Salt Rose Benji Bright

Chevalier Book 2: The Salt Rose

Benji Bright

Published October 14th 2012
Kindle Edition
26 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

There are tales of dashing knights and blushing ladies, and there are stories of bravery bound to become legend. Then theres the life of a mercenary.Four swords-for-hire -- Giovanni, the supposed magician- Solister, the armored giant- Casic, the virtuous fighter- and Farrbiner, the drunken healer -- try to make their pockets heavy and their grief light. On their way to fame and fortune, or maybe just notoriety, they encounter every twist and turn the criminal underworld can throw at them. In a world full of double-crosses and shady motivations, cant a man just find a warm place to thrust his sword?In Book 2: The Salt Rose, the company travels to the exotic city of Agoda-Bas at the height of its orgiastic celebration season at the behest of a former associate. But when Farrbiner finds himself tangled in a web of intrigue, sex, and memories of romance, he might soon wish he never returned to his old stomping ground.