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A Taste of Ink High Tide Poets

A Taste of Ink

High Tide Poets

Published September 10th 2014
ISBN : 9781304711182
124 pages
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 About the Book 

An anthology of poetry written by ten women, The High Tide Poets, in Midcoast Maine. They went to Monhegan Island with the vision of creating a book of poems that reflected their unique voices. We were all so taken with the physical place (Monhegan) that we began writing Monhegan poems most evenings, sharing them and editing them as they were being written, a dynamic form of work-shopping none of us had ever encountered before. Thrilling to say the least. At some point, it was suggested a selection of poems written there, our Monhegan poems, be included in the anthology. Voila, for your reading pleasure, the Monhegan poems are presented as a prologue to the anthology. Inaugural Poet, Richard Blanco describes the book: A Taste of Ink is a wonderful savoring of Maines words, rhythms, rhymes, and imagery served up by these honest poems infused with the powerful nuances of the heart that make a place, a home.